5 Tips For Your Spiritual Awakening


The benefits of being spiritually awakened far outweigh the uncomfortable feelings you will feel during the process. We are all spiritual beings trapped in human bodies and the lessons we learn here contribute to the growth of our soul. But at some point, as many people like me have come to discover, enough is enough. It’s time to get spiritual and raise our consciousness so that we’re not replaying the same life lessons over and over.
A spiritual awakening is like a life-line to those of us trapped in sadly human lives playing out the same dramas over and over. In my work as a shaman I constantly tell my clients to get the lesson and move on because that’s where the true soul growth and life changes really occur.

So if you’re ready to wake up and get out of that weird cycle then here are some things you can do that can hasten your awakening. A word of warning, though. Once you open the door, you can’t really force it closed. So these suggestions come with a grave word of warning. If you do these things, your life is going to change hardcore. You will lose friends, family and jobs. And the world may not make sense to you for awhile and you may even go through a Dark Night Of The Soul.

But what you will gain is a stronger sense of yourself and your spiritual power. For every one of the things you will leave behind, a dozen wonderful things will come to take their place. A spiritual awakening is like having your cake and eating it, too. Old habits will die and be replaced with wonderful new experiences. And at times it can be scary but mostly it’s wonderful. So if you are ready for the next step, hold on to your soul. Don’t worry, this is just a little turbulence.

5. Lose Some Sleep

Having a regular sleep schedule is one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to expand your consciousness. If you have a full-time job this can be difficult since a large portion of your life revolves around the schedule of someone else. Having a place to live and being able to buy food is very important so having a job is a great way to ensure that you won’t be homeless or starving.

Right before my awakening, I was working with a young actor on my short film I AM A GHOST and as we filmed the sex scenes I would break down into tears over my family situation. He said to me during one of the breakdowns: “You need to get tired. Stay up for days. Drink a shitton of caffeine. Just get fucking tired of it all. Trust me, it works.”

Disrupting your sleep schedule can help trapped emotions and old resentments fly to the surface of your psyche. You’ll get angry and irritated over the littlest things and that can pave the way for you to have a healthier response for when those bigger things come up—and they will come up. But dealing with the little things first in a healthy way helps you deal with the bigger things in a healthy way.

And soon you will start following your body’s natural rhythms and you will sleep when you are tired and wake when you are ready to awaken. I haven’t had an alarm clock in 6 years because I have crafted my life to one which suits me the best. Coincidentally, I stopped a certain thing 6 years ago and what I did was …

4. Stop Watching Television

I have written at length at how damaging watching TV is to your psyche and spiritual growth. If you want to live a happier, fuller, and richer life the easiest thing to do is to just stop filling your head with garbage and nonsense. If you watch TV, you have no real sense of reality or even what this world is truly about because your brain thinks that you are actually experiencing what you are viewing on the television.

3. Stop Making Decisions

You’re in a restaurant. A server hands you a menu. You hand the menu back to the server and tell him (or her) to pick your meal. And watch what happens. You are about to enter a whole new world of handing over the reins to another person.

You can do this in every situation in your life and miracles start to happen. What this does is that it effectively tells your ego to shut the fuck up and opens you to the realm of your higher self and spirit guides. And while you may not particularly like the meal the server has chosen for you, the trick behind this is that letting go of these small inconsequential things leads you to letting go of the bigger consequential things. Baby steps first.

Naturally, you can set some ground rules. Go into a clothing store and tell the employee you have $25 to spend on some clothes and that you would like them to just choose for you. This opens you up to your higher self and gets you to start trusting your instinct while at the same time leapfrogging over your pesky ego that wants to think it’s running the show.

Your ego is nothing more than this pesky thing that wants you to not realize your true divine nature. It actually keeps you from realizing your dreams and the ego loves to make decisions that are not in your best interest like getting a new credit card or dating a person that’s inappropriate for you. Your ego wants you to remain sadly human and blinded and sad so not making decisions is effectively putting your ego in a timeout chair.

2. Love The Things You Hate

If you are strongly opinionated about things then that’s a great indicator that your wrapped up in the throes of ego. I am at a place right now where I like and love everything. I am not a big fan of eggs or omelettes so I try to have them at least once a week. If I am feeling particularly horrible, then I am totally eating as many eggs as I can.

If you hate the music of Lady Gaga, then just listen to it over and over and try to find the beauty in the expression. If you hate certain actors or actresses then watch their movies. Get irritated. Get annoyed. Because everything you hate about something else is really a reflection of what’s going on with you. And by learning to love the things you hate, you’re really trying hard to love yourself.

1. Stop Thinking

If you read my essay about staying in the present moment then you know how much damage thinking can cause. Thinking is straight up ego. Thinking is all about schemes and plans and ideas. You really do not have to think about anything at all. The less you think the happier you are. Thinking leads to anxiety. Thinking feeds the ego.

The goal of meditation is to just empty your mind because when you realize that thinking is just a symptom of an overactive ego. Because if you know anything about how time and reality work, then you are aware that everything you do has already happened and has yet to happen. So nothing you can do will make any difference to the eventual outcome.

And in fact, the past and the future do not even really exist. All that exists is the “now” moment and how you react to that present moment dictates how you create your present, past and future. And if you want to go really deep you can understand that none of this is real and I am not even real and that no one exists but you and your entire reality is nothing more than a construct for you to learn and grow from. So have fun with that.

Source: https://medium.com/concrete-shamanism/5-ways-to-kick-start-your-spiritual-awakening-1cc823974cdd