Sun Number 3


What’s that … a box? Well if you Sun Number is a 3 then you have absolutely no need for that sort of thing. 3s always think outside the box and are one of the most innovative numbers out there. If you were born with a 3 Sun Number, then you laugh in the face of obstacles because you are one of the most creative problem solvers around.

Light, bubbly, and always carrying a healthy sense of humor, 3 Sun Numbers keep things interesting with their optimism and charm. Knowing this, you would expect a 3 to strike out when life throws them a curveball. However, when there are bumps in the road, 3 Sun Numbers handle the terrain with relative ease, surprising everyone around them … especially themselves!

The one lesson that all 3 Sun Numbers should learn is focus. Because of their childlike nature, 3s tend to jump from one thing to the next in a fashion that would make a Gemini with ADD blush. Unfinished projects, empty promises and unfulfilled dreams are all common occurrences for someone with a Sun Number of 3. But when a 3 does finally make it all the way on something, it’s a huge point of pride.

When it comes to romance, 3s can actually be pretty deep. However, those intense feelings are all wrapped in a veil of flaky, superficial actions. 3 Sun Numbers approach change with caution — especially relationships — unless they know that the partnership will run its course in a speedy manner. 3s definitely get around and the prospect of a long-lasting relationship makes them a bit skittish. Want a 3 to commit to you? You’re going to need a boat load of patience!

Compatibility for the Sun Number 3

1: This Sun Number would work well with a three because a 1 Sun Number could weather any storm that a 3 might throw at him or her.

3: Birds of a feather flock together … and these two flighty Sun Numbers would do just that.

5: 3s would get along well with a 5 because they are extremely patient.

7: A relationship between these two would thrive because once they fall in love … there’s no falling out.