Sun Number 5


Many Sun Numbers struggle with the idea of change … and then there are the 5s. Not only do these ever-evolving souls deal with change well, they thrive on it. If you’ve ever been skiing and seen the tracks in between the trees off the beaten-path, you know that a 5 Sun Number has shared the same mountain as you. Dynamic, sociable, and somewhat chaotic, 5s enjoy the company of others and rarely stick to the same routine. Life’s an adventure … why do anything twice?

Because of all of this mile-a-minute energy that 5 Sun Numbers have, they tend to lack stability and responsibility. They’re all about having a good time and worrying about something another day. However, successful 5s have learned to apply their energy toward more long-term goals instead of the short-term ones that they’re so famous for achieving.

“Wild thing — you make my heart sing!” When it comes to romance, 5 Sun Numbers are the most sensual and passionate of all of the numbers. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? They apply their free-wheelin’, try-anything-once attitude to not only their life, but in their relationships as well.

You’re thinking, “sure they’re passionate, but that just means a 5 will love me and leave me.” Actually, that’s not the case. 5 Sun Numbers are extremely loyal … almost to a fault. And while, sure, they may take a while to settle down and actually be in a long-term relationship, once they’re in it — they’re staying put for a while.

If you find yourself in a relationship with a 5, you would do well not to try and place limits on them … if you love them, set them free! Embrace their adventurous side instead of holding them back and the two of you will share one wild ride.

Compatibility for the Sun Number 5

1: These two lovebirds would sing because 5s show a lot of respect to their partner … which is something a 1 Sun Number takes seriously.

3: 3s and 5s would jive together because they’re both so upbeat.

5: The reason these two would add up is because they’d both be the life of the party.

6: These two would go well together because they are known as the heart-breaking Sun Numbers.

7: A 7 and a 5 will get along just fine because after dancing around the topic of a relationship for a while, they both become entrenched in it in due time.