Sun Number 6


If you’ve been feeling in the dumps, chances are that all you need to get a little pick-me-up is spending some time with a 6 Sun Number. Known as the care-giving number, 6s regularly ignore their own needs in favor of helping those around them. They take this very seriously … as well as just about every other thing they do in life. Because of this, 6 Sun Numbers are extremely good at setting distant goals and reaching them in a calculated way.

On the other hand, because of their always-do-good nature, some 6s have the tendency to put themselves on a throne for the work they’ve done (or the work they THINK they’ve done). There’s no such thing as random acts of kindness here. When a 6 does something for someone else, they want the world to know about it.

6 Sun Numbers are most at home in their own little environment that they’ve created for themselves. So it’s no surprise that 6s are some of the most spiritually in tune.

Successful 6s have learned that stepping outside of their own shell from time to time is a good thing. Like a horse without its blinders on, when a 6 Sun Number opens their eyes to the world around them, they not only have epiphanies, but have the can-do attitude to actually manifest the changes they want.

When it comes to romance, a 6 Sun Number takes things pretty seriously. 6s give all of themselves to their partner … but sometimes they give all of themselves to pretty much anyone. The best thing for a 6 in a relationship is to give more to their partner in crime instead of shrinking back into their shell.

Compatibility for the Sun Number 6

2: 2s and 6s would get along great because they 2 Sun Number always puts their partner first.

5: These two would hit it off because the 5 could learn many things from the 6.

6: What’s better to love than someone who is exactly like yourself?

7: These two would get along famously because of their shared mental energy.

9: These two both ask for much and are easily pleased.