Sun Number 8


“I make the rules because I say so!” This is something you may hear from a Sun Number 8, whose need for control knows no bounds … we’re not even sure they know what ‘bounds’ are. However, when it comes to the grand scheme of things, you’d do best to follow these crazy 8s.

8s are gamblers. While they’re inclined to try and shoot their luck from time to time, it doesn’t make them bat an eyelash. Win or lose, this Sun Number forgets their past and moves forward with what they believe to be the best thing for them.

Because they’re so headstrong, 8s have a tendency to, shall we say, “bend” the law to their will. It’s their way or the highway and if you’re not playing along, then consider yourself a stand-in.

When we get to the topic of romance, an 8 is a hard egg to crack. Just like their poker face, an 8 is a tough read because they don’t often show, or say, how they truly feel. And because they’re so level-headed, 8 Sun Numbers tend to take the wind out of a lot of sails.

8s can be one of the most protective numbers. Think like a child, here … they have no interest in things that are available to them. But when someone else shows an interest, they’ll pursue hard and fast.

Compatibility for the Sun Number 8

2: They both have an appreciation for hard work and are two of the more “business sense” Sun Numbers on the list.

4: These two would jive because they’re all about getting to a future destination together.

9: If opposites really do attract then these two would be the poster children!