Sun Number 9


Imagine yourself watching a Broadway play, complete with all if the pageantry that would make the Miss America competition blush. Now picture the exact opposite…

That’s where the 9 Sun Number comes in. No-nonsense and sturdy, the 9s usually see things as how they are without letting that pesky little thing called emotion get in the way.

Objective as they are, surprisingly 9s perform the best when they’re in a group. They’re the ones who see the overall path of something and tend to disregard the standard operating procedures … though many times they’re seen as self-righteous.

Thinking of getting close to a 9 Sun Number? HA! They’re one of the hardest to be in a relationship with. More often than not, the 9 will be the one who reaches out to you.

Compatibility for the Sun Number 9

1: These two would be happy together because they both take relationships seriously.

2:  A 2 and a 9 Sun Number would get along well because they both put the utmost importance on the things that are most important in their life.

3: These two would hit it off because of their opposites-attract method of love.

7: 7s and 9s could make it work because they’re both cautious about who they fall for. But once they do, LOOK OUT!

8: One thing leads into the next, and these two could make it work because they share an authoritarian trait that seems to bind them more than break them.